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B6 Aspirator (Ø6 mm pick-up straw)

Dimensions: Ø6 mm pick-up straw
Net Weight: 45 grams
Main Material: Plastic | Polystyrene
Style: Inhaling-type | Bendy straw

103,85 SEK - 115,39 SEK

    In Stock: 60    

6-Pack Value Pack
available: 10  
623,09 SEK (103,85 SEK ea.)  SAVE 10% !
1-Pack Single Pack
available: 60  
115,39 SEK (115,39 SEK ea.)

The bendy straw is convenient for adjusting angles between vial and insect pick-up straw. Since angle of insect pick-up straw is adjustable, insect collecting vial can stay upright, making it possible to keep an insect killing agent (e.g. alcohol) in collecting vial while using aspirator.

Four vials (DP0079-5 and DP0101-2) are included for insect collecting and insect storing use. Vial DP0101-1 is also compatible, which is not included in the package.

NOTE: DP0101-2 and DP0101-1 are not sealed when the cap is on. Do not use them for fluid.