Dimensions: L100 x W100 x H100 cm
Net Weight: 620 grams
Main Material: Nylon Cloth
Mesh Size: not applicable

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** Attention Valued Customers,

In June 2019, we made a minor modification to our SLAM trap bottom collector.  The coarse mesh grid on top is now 2 cm by 2 cm (was 3.6 cm by 3.6 cm).  Please note this change before making purchases.

** Used with the standard SLAM trap only

The bottom collector is made to fit with our standard SLAM trap so that the SLAM trap can sample species (id est some Coleoptera) that fold their wings and drop after striking an obstacle. This bottom collector comes with a coarse mesh (2 cm by 2 cm grid) on top to stop large leaves and twigs from clogging the bottom collecting bottle.