Dimensions: W30 x D30 x H30 cm
Net Weight: 1,110 grams
Main Material: Woven Mesh | Polypropylene
Mesh Size: 24 x 24 | 1,350 µm aperture
Clear Panel: Front, Top
Mesh Panel: Back, Right, Left
Opening: 1 x Front Sleeve

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The all-time popular BugDorm-1 insect cage was first introduced to world entomologists in 1996 at the 20th International Congress of Entomology in Florence, Italy. It's modular design for easy cleaning makes BugDorm-1 an ideal rearing or breeding cage for disease vectors and agricultural pests such as mosquitoes and houseflies. Major features of BugDorm-1 insect cage include:

* Easy installation; no duct-tape, no tools
* Easy access through 15-cm stockinet sleeve opening
* Easy observation through mesh and semi-transparent panels
* Easy disassembly for storage, cleaning, and parts replacement

BugDorm-1 insect cage is lightweight, but sturdy. When assembled, it supports weights as heavy as 90 kilos. When disassembled, one BugDorm-1 can pack into a box as small as L31 x W31 x H9 cm.