Dimensions: W93.0 x D47.5 x H47.5 cm
Net Weight: 600 grams
Main Material: Woven Mesh | Nylon
Mesh Size: 150 x 150 | 160 µm aperture
Clear Panel: Front, Top
Mesh Panel: Back, Right, Left
Opening: 2 x Front Sleeve, 1 x Front Zipper

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Formerly BugDorm-44590DHF (BD44590DHF)

Of same materials and dimensions of BugDorm-4F4590 insect cage, BugDorm-4F4590DH sits horizontally and has an elastic band on each sleeve opening for wrapping around the wrist to prevent insects from escaping.

Top and front panels are of clear plastic for easy observation.  Large zip opening on front panel aids adding or removing large objects.

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