Dimensions: W17.5 x D17.5 x H17.5 cm
Net Weight: 140 grams
Main Material: Knitted Mesh | Nylon
Mesh Size: 44 x 32 | 650 µm aperture
Clear Panel: None
Mesh Panel: All Except Floor
Opening: 1 x Front Sleeve

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The BugDorm-4M1515 insect cage has Nylon netting (44 x 32 mesh) all around, using no plastic sheet in any of the panels except the floor for better ventilation.  Centered in the front panel is a sleeve opening (12 cm diameter) for adding or removing insects and replacing food material.

The framework of BugDorm-4M1515 insect cage is of lightweight fiberglass and constructed outside the enclosure. There are no places for insects to hide inside the cage.