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Australian Entomological Supplies

  Australian Entomological Supplies has been operating since 1962 and is proud to manufacture many of its products.  We also import and export entomological equipment, including the high quality BugDorm range.  Check us out at www.entosupplies.com.au or send us an email at sales@entosupplies.com.au.  Look out for our new website coming soon! 


Rua Princesa Isabel, 575
Bairro: Jardim Pacaembu
Piracicaba – SP, 13424-586

  Pragas.com® is a provider of innovative and applied solutions to enable agricultural research, reduce costs and accelerate the development of technologies for Ag pest control.  Provides target organisms (Insects, Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses, Weed Seeds, Nematoids) for agricultural research, biological inputs (Eggs and caterpillars) for the biological control industry, materials and research supplies (Cages, diets, trays, EGGSBOX, etc ...) and services in agricultural experimentation (Laboratory, Greenhouse and Field).

A Pragas.com® é uma provedora de soluções inovadoras e aplicadas para viabilizar pesquisas agrícolas, reduzir custos e acelerar o desenvolvimento de tecnologias para o controle de pragas agrícolas.  Fornece organismos-alvo (Insetos, Fungos, Bactérias, Vírus, sementes de Plantas Daninhas, Nematoides) para pesquisas agrícolas, insumos biológicos (Ovos e lagartas) para indústria de controle biológico de pragas agrícolas, materiais e suprimentos de apoio à pesquisa (Gaiolas, dietas, bandejas, EGGSBOX, etc...) além da prestação de serviços em experimentação agrícola (Laboratório, Casa-de-vegetação e Campo). 


Yashika Solutions
8-1-293/E/1, Plot no 70
Dwaraka Nagar Colony, Shaikpet
Hyderabad, Telangana 500008
Opposite to OASIS School

  We are a small company started with an aim to cater scientist’s need in a specific way.  The quality, durability and reliability are taken on priority while sourcing or manufacturing the scientific items.  We want to make scientists life easy while searching for niche area products by offering an easy to browse web-catalogue available at www.labitems.co.in with clear specifications and the application areas of the instruments.  Our ultimate motto is to save precious time of scientist’s while searching to find a right product for their specific as well as general laboratory needs.  We have a broad collection of high quality tools for reliable and reproducible entomological research. 
South Korea

Kim & Friends, Inc.

ACE High-End Tower 8 Suite 1703
84 Gasan Digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu
Seoul 08590
South Korea

  Kim & Friends is a leading Korean distributor with world class entomology related manufacturers.  We have been providing apparatus to various user such as government agency, laboratory, national park and public health center in Korean market since 1996. 


  We are specialists in Entomological Equipment, microscopy and books since 1995.  We have a wide catalog of specialised equipment, including the products of MegaView Science (BugDorm).  Visit our shop online www.entomopraxis.com and contact us at entomopraxis@entomopraxis.com.

Somos especialistas en material entomológico, microscopía y libros desde 1995.  Disponemos de un amplísimo catálogo de material especializado, incluyendo los productos de MegaView Science (BugDorm).  Visite nuestra tienda online www.entomopraxis.com o contacte con nosotros en entomopraxis@entomopraxis.com
United Kingdom

Watkins & Doncaster

United Kingdom

  Watkins & Doncaster, The Naturalists.  Established in 1874, we have over 140 years specialising in the supply and manufacture of equipment for the study of insects.  We are a small family-run business with equipment sent all over the world, not only for professional and amateur entomologists but also for important surveys, crop research and pest control.  An extensive range and variety of products continues to be offered, with a large proportion manufactured in-house.  Great pride is taken with the quality of the traditional equipment adapted to modern day usage. 


1-6 The Stables, Ford Road
United Kingdom

  Established in 1985, NHBS are Europe's largest provider of wildlife, ecology and conservation books and equipment.  Our aim is to contribute to saving the natural world by facilitating the discovery, understanding and conservation of organisms and ecosystems.  Visit nhbs.com where you will find everything you need to catch, record and study insects and other invertebrates in the field or laboratory.  Our extensive product list of high-quality entomology survey tools include the full BugDorm range, along with our in-house manufactured moth traps, butterfly nets, beating trays, sweep nets and more. 
United States

BioQuip Products

2321 Gladwick Street
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220
United States

  We manufacturer and distribute Entomology supplies, equipment and books.