Other Containers

Sample-Cup Holding Trays [pack of 6]
Sample Cups (Ø45 x H32 mm, 30 ml) [pack of 250]
Sample Cups (Ø45 x H40 mm, 38 ml) [pack of 250]
Hinged Sample Cups (Ø3.5 x H40 mm, 20 ml) [pack of 180]
PP Plastic Vials (Ø12 x H55 mm, 4 ml, lot of 100)
PP Plastic Vials (Ø16 x H56 mm, 5 ml, lot of 100)
PS Plastic Vials (Ø22 x H53.7 mm, 15 ml) [pack of 12]
PS Plastic Vials (Ø28.4 x H80.8 mm, 30 ml) [pack of 12]
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