BugDorm-9H Insect Cages

The BugDorm-9H insect-rearing cages are designed for outdoor environments, incorporating mesh fabric that is treated to withstand UV exposure.  These cages are equipped with a Nylon mesh, featuring an aperture size of 720µm, ensuring optimal protection and ventilation for the insects inside while maintaining their natural habitat conditions.
The BugDorm-9H insect-rearing cages feature durable aluminum pipe frames.  These large, floorless enclosures, 2 meters in height, are ideal for covering ground plants and serving as a walk-in experimental area.
BugDorm-9H1020 Insect Rearing Cage (mesh fabric only)
BugDorm-9H1040 Insect Rearing Cage (mesh fabric only)
BugDorm-9H1080 Insect Rearing Cage (mesh fabric only)
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