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Malaise Traps

The Malaise Trap, created by Swedish entomologist Dr. René Malaise in the 1930s, was introduced to the entomological community as a replacement for the traditional hand-held collecting net. The Malaise trap is an insect flight intercept trap, usually in a tent-like structure with a sloping roof and vertical baffles of mesh netting that channels flying insects, particularly those in orders Hymenoptera and Diptera, into a collecting jar filled with a preservative solution.
SLAM Trap II - Large
SLAM Trap II - Large
$754.60 AUD
SLAM Trap - 4-headed
SLAM Trap - 4-headed
$848.14 AUD
Malaise Trap Installation Kit
SLAM Trap II - Standard (mesh fabric only)
SLAM Trap II - Large (mesh fabric only)
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