Dimensions: L12 x W7.5 x H13 cm
Net Weight: 400 gram
Main Material: Plastic | Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

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Our insect feeder is an effective tool originally designed for monitoring / controlling the Dolichoderus thoracicus in Taiwan.  Simply fill the centrifuge tube with liquid bait such as an insect-killing agent or sugar solution, hold the feeder / tray upside down, and then fit the tube opening tightly to the round base flange.  When flipping the tray again with the tube opening facing down, the bait fluid will flow gradually from the tube into the round pit, and dispense slowly as the bait is consumed.  A rectangle piece of plastic sheet (included) can be loosely mounted onto the centrifuge tube as a rain shield to prevent the bait fluid from being diluted or washed away too quickly by the rainwater.

This insect feeder comes with two centrifuge tubes (DP0078-50, 50ml & DP0078-15, 15ml).  The bait is NOT sold at the BugDorm Store.  Please consult with your insect control experts for bait chemicals suitable for your needs.