Dimensions: L40 x W20 cm
Net Weight: 40 grams
Main Material: Woven Mesh | Nylon
Mesh Size: 104 x 94 | 300 µm aperture

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** Attention Valued Customers,

In May 2011, we made a minor modification to this rearing sleeve. The mesh count is 104 x 94 mesh/square inch (changed from 100 x 80 mesh/square inch). Please note this change before making purchases.

Made of fine Nylon netting (104 x 94 mesh), these insect rearing sleeves solve problems of studying insects in-situ. Each sleeve has a large clear window for observation, o­ne full-length zipper that allows the sleeve to open flat, and long strings for sealing the ends around branches. Sleeves of the same size may be zipped together to gain diameters required to enclose sections of tree trunks.

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