BugDorm-6M1020 Insect Rearing Cage

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200-cm tall, BugDorm-6M1020 insect cage is suitable for large potted plants.  All panels are of Nylon netting (44 x 32 mesh) for ventilation.  The large opening in the front panel of BugDorm-6M1020 is tall enough to allow the researcher to walk into the cage.  A thin strip is sewn across the ceiling from which to suspend objects such as feeders.

The framework of BugDorm-6M1020 insect cage is of durable aluminum and constructed outside the enclosure. There are no places for insects to hide inside the cage.

Package Contents
x1 Fabric Cage Body
x16 Aluminum Pipes (L59 cm)
x8 Nylon Plastic Joints (3-Way)
x4 Nylon Plastic Joints (4-Way)

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