BugDorm-9H1040 Insect Rearing Cage

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The BugDorm-9H1040 Insect Rearing Cage is engineered for the discerning researcher. One meter by two-meter ground space and two meters high, this walk-in floorless cage combines ample space with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame and tent hook system. The durable and UV-resistant nylon mesh (40 × 32 mesh/inch, aperture 720 µm) is designed to keep most arthropods out, ensuring experiment integrity. Features include easy-to-fix sides with black skirts and loops, a dust-resistant zipper cloth strip, and a hollow bottom for isolating ground plants in outdoor experiments. The loops sewn at cage corners and edges are for guy lines and stakes (not included) necessary to secure the cage in the wind. The BugDorm-9H Insect Rearing Cage is a versatile tool for any researcher dedicated to the study of insects.

Package Contents
1 x Fabric Cage Body
30 x Aluminum Pipes (L59 cm)
8 x Nylon Plastic Joints (3-Way)
4 x Nylon Plastic Joints (4-Way)
4 x Nylon Plastic T-joints (3-Way)
2 x Nylon Plastic Cross-joints (4-Way)