Foldable Beating Tray (Ø60 cm)

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WARNING: To avoid being shocked, keep trays & handles away from power lines.

Our Foldable Insect Beating Tray, available in diameters of Ø60 cm and Ø90 cm, is expertly crafted for entomologists. It features a lightweight, collapsible frame for transport and storage, coupled with a durable catching tray ideal for specimen collection. The tray is equipped with a retractable aluminum handle, adjustable from 45 cm to 105 cm, to accommodate various terrains. Included is a convenient carrying bag, making the tray highly portable for diverse field research applications.

Package Contents
x1 Catching Tray
x1 Stainless Frame
x1 Aluminum Handle
x1 Carrying Bag

Studies Using This Line of Products
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