Standard Insect Breeder [pack of 6]

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The components of this standard insect breeder can be stacked up to store without taking up too much space.  The bottom cup (480 ml) is made of transparent PET plastic.  It comes with a lid to prevent spilling while transporting water samples.  When returned to the lab, open the lid to install the inverted funnel and insect collection cup made of durable, transparent PP plastic.  Once the insects have emerged, they will enter the collection cup through the funnel.

Centered on the collection cup is a removable, Ø45mm wire screen lid of 80x80 mesh for good airflow.  Another plugged Ø15mm hole beside the wire screen lid can be opened to insert an insect aspirator to capture the insects.

※ The wire-screen lids can be autoclaved.

Contents of 1 pack
x6 Breeder Bodies
x6 Cup Lids
x6 Wire Screen Lids
x6 Funnel Lids
x6 Plugs

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