Sample-Cup Holding Trays [pack of 6]

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Our Sample-Cup Holding Trays are expertly crafted to support large-scale insect rearing and facilitate repeated experiments with ease. Designed with precision, each tray features 30 individual compartments, compatible with three distinct types of sample cups (BD5071-1, BD5071-2, and DP0103, sold separately). This unique, compartmentalized design not only prevents aggressive interactions among insects but also significantly minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, thereby enhancing the overall success rate of breeding efforts. Additionally, it offers the convenience of individual insect observation.

Constructed from high-quality PET plastic, our trays boast exceptional durability and transparency. They are also designed for easy cleaning, ensuring a hygienic environment for your insects. Optimized for space-saving, these trays can be efficiently stacked and placed in growth chambers, allowing for precise control over the insects' growth conditions. Each tray has alphanumeric letters embossed on one long and one short side to identify specific cells quickly.

Ideal for academic research, educational purposes, and insect breeding enthusiasts, our trays represent the ultimate solution for anyone committed to the meticulous study and care of insects. Embrace the convenience, efficiency, and reliability of our Sample-Cup Holding Trays for your research and educational needs.

Pack Contents
x6 Cup Holding Trays