BugDorm-5062 Hive-shaped Insect Rearing Caddy [pack of 12]

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BugDorm-5062 hive-shaped insect caddy is an autoclavable container of PP plastic designed for rearing insects in laboratories and for field collection.  The hexagonal design allows them to connect infinitely like a honeycomb.  Each BugDorm-5062 hive-shaped insect caddy has 154 ventilation holes on the lid to provide good ventilation.  The holes are small enough (0.3 x 0.3 mm) to prevent minute insects from entering or escaping.  Each caddy has a five by five mm grid etched on the bottom to estimate the insect size. Rearing caddies are suitable for insects that need to be reared individually, especially small Lepidoptera larvae.

※ The caddies are autoclavable.

Contents of 1 pack
x12 Insect Caddies

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