Clip Cage (Ø40/Ø60mm, lot of 12)

  • Model:BDC1560-12
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This clip cage is a convenient tool for confining small insects in their natural habitat, e.g., plant leaves, for scientific studies.  Each cage comprises two hollow foam rings with one mesh window on each ring for visibility and ventilation.  Use stainless steel fixing pins to clamp the clip cage to the leaves.  The lightweight and weather-resistant design ensures that the cages will not damage the plants and are suitable for outdoor environments.

Each package has 12 clip cages, including 24 form pieces, 100 mesh circles, and 48 pins.  The foam has an outer diameter of 6 cm, an inner diameter of 4 cm, and a height of 1.5 cm.

Pack Contents
x24 Foam Rings (Ø40/Ø60mm)
x24 Mesh Circles
x72 Fixing Pins