Mini Berlese Funnel (Ø12 cm) [pack of 6]

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This Mini Berlese Funnel is a smaller version of the traditional Berlese funnel, intended to collect small arthropods from soil and leaf litter substrates.  It is an effective tool for biodiversity surveys and ecological research in the field and laboratory settings.  The compact size and easy-to-setup design make it a reliable and consistent means of sample collection, which is essential for comparative studies.

The funnel has a transparent design to provide an unobstructed view of the arthropods during extraction.  A heat source (NOT included) can be positioned above the funnel to encourage arthropods to migrate downward away from the heat-induced drought.  The plastic grille with a sieve opening of 2.7 mm is integrated into the funnel, efficiently holding the substrate in place and allowing the arthropods to enter the funnel.  A sample cup is placed below the funnel, which can be filled with a solution to preserve the specimens.

Contents of 1 pack
x6 Plastic Funnels
x6 Plugs for Funnels
x6 Bottom Cups
x6 Lids for Bottom Cups
x6 Wire Screen Lids (Ø45) for Top Snap-on Cups
x6 Plugs for Top Snap-on Cups
x6 Plastic Grille
x6 Hinged Sample Cups