Featherweight Plastic Forceps Set [pack of 6]

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These featherweight forceps come with three types of tips.  Due to the rounded end, these forceps can handle fragile insects without harming them.  To secure the base of the tweezers and increase their stability, please follow the steps below or refer to our photo gallery and tutorial video.

How to Use Featherweight Forceps Set?
Step 1. Take out forceps from plastic card.
Step 2. Use the pencil to remove round pieces.
Step 3. Fold forceps in half along the folding line, then fold them into a Y shape.
Step 4-1. Secure the end of the forceps with tape.
Step 4-2. Secure the end of the forceps with a rubber band.
Step 4-3. Secure the end of the forceps with double-sided tape.

※Please note that these forceps are made of 0.7mm PP plastic sheet, and each forceps unit weighs only about 1.5 grams, so they are considered disposable.  They are not as sturdy, heavy, or elastic as steel ones.  We recommend checking out our Stainless Steel Tweezers if you require something more substantial.

Package Contents
x6 Cards