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General Questions

If you require a quote before placing an order, please Contact Us and provide the following information:

a) Product models and quantity you need
b) Payment method (credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer)
c) Delivery address (excluding PO boxes) along with the ZIP code
e) Billing address
f) Recipient's phone number and email address

We'll prepare a quote for you soon.

Please request a quotation from us so that we can reserve them for you to ensure you get the desired items once they're back in stock.

After verifying your payment, you can expect your order to arrive within 5-7 business days.  However, unforeseen circumstances such as Force Majeure and insufficient documentation or information for Customs clearance may cause unexpected delays.  You can easily track the delivery status using the link we provide in the order notification email once the package is dispatched.

1) Credit Cards  PayPal® powers our credit card processing system.  It allows you to pay online using your credit card without requiring a PayPal® account.  Alternatively, we can charge your credit card manually if you could provide us with the card credentials below:

a) Card Number
b) Expiration Date
c) Security Code
d) Cardholder Name

We will discard your credit card credentials immediately after your card has been billed successfully.  Please be aware that there may be discrepancies between the invoice and your card statement due to international transaction fees imposed by your card issuer and currency conversions.

2) Bank Transfer  Please consult our Terms & Conditions, section 3, for information on our banking details.

Sometimes, international credit card transactions may become blocked due to a security feature implemented by your card issuer to protect against fraud or your credit card has exceeded its limit, particularly those made on institutional cards.  We strongly recommend contacting your card issuer to resolve the issue before attempting the transaction again.  If the problem persists, kindly Contact Us so we can manually process your payment.

Our company is located in Taiwan, and we don't impose taxes or duties on your orders.  However, international orders may be subject to import charges such as taxes, Customs duties, and surcharges.  Please note that the destination country determines these charges, and we have no control over them.  The recipient is responsible for covering all import charges.  If you are entitled to an exemption from these charges, please provide the necessary certificates after placing your order.  Please refer to Section 5 of our Terms & Conditions for further information.

Please note that if the carrier cannot deliver your shipment due to reasons such as refusal to pay import charges or an incorrect address, the parcels will be sent back to Taiwan at your expense.  This includes the taxes and duties levied by Taiwan's government and the shipping charges for returning the packages.

Please get in touch with our if you have questions regarding product availability, quotations, and invoicing.  For any technical queries, product issues, or product return/refund inquiries, our is always available to assist you.

If you're looking for a distributor nearby, please check out Our Distributors.
Product Specific

Work In Progress

Our "E" and "F" cage lines are the best candidates for your requirements.  To find cages of the required sizes, please follow the links below:

BugDorm-4F Insect Rearing Cages
BugDorm-4E Insect Rearing Cages

Use diluted detergent and a soft brush to clean your BugDorm-1 insect cages, or use a laboratory dishwasher if they are filthy.  Our experience shows that washing the cages with 57°C water and Deconex in a dishwasher for about 10 minutes can clean them well.   However, avoid using water temperatures above 70°C for more than one minute, as this can cause the cage plastic to warp.

It's essential not to set the dishwasher to phases higher than the cage can tolerate.  As a good practice, we recommend running tests before cleaning the BugDorm-1 cages in the dishwasher.

HAND WASH  Submerge and soak the cage for 20-30 minutes in the mix of detergent and water, agitate the cage gently, and then rinse the cage to remove the detergent.

MACHINE WASH  Use the side-loading laundry machine set on a washing cycle of low agitation and low-speed spin.

CAUTION  Wash cage's mesh fabric only.  Wash at room temperature.  Use laundry bag when machine washing.  Recommend applying neutral detergents.  Apply bleach or stain remover carefully, as those chemicals weaken the cage fabric.  Dry the cage in the shade.

Please follow the user guide that comes with our products carefully to ensure their proper functioning.  Alternatively, you can refer to the video tutorial available on this website for that specific product.

All the videos are hosted on YouTube, which you can access via the following link: BugDorm YouTube Channel

It's best to disassemble all components and store them in a cool, shaded area to prevent heat damage.

The material of the cage floors has some degree of water repellency, but it is not entirely waterproof.

To achieve the desired result, we recommend purchasing our Acrylic floors.  They are available in four different sizes: 15 by 15 cm, 22 by 22 cm, 30 by 30 cm, and 45 by 45 cm.  Additionally, the connectors needed to secure the Acrylic floor in place have already been included in the cages you purchased.

Ordering & Shipping

To place an order, you can either do so on this website or Contact Us for a quote and have your order processed manually.

We exclusively use FedEx and DHL for shipping.  If you prefer using your account to pay for shipping and import fees or choosing to collect the parcels from our premises through your forwarder, kindly Contacting Us to make the necessary arrangements.

Pricing & Discounts

Our product prices only cover charges up to MegaView's premises in Taiwan.  This excludes the cost of shipping, handling, surcharges, taxes, and duties.  Product prices and availability are valid for 14 days from the date of quotation unless otherwise stated.

We have two discount options available for you.

1) Tiered Discounts  You can observe how they function on every product page.
2) Quantity Discount  You will receive an additional 0.5% discount off the product total for every $500 spent on your order.  For instance, if you purchase products worth $1,680, you'll receive an extra discount of 1.5% off the product value.

Return & Refund

You can return most products for a refund, provided that the item has not been discontinued and its plastic wrapping remains unopened.  To claim a refund, you must do so within one month of receiving the product.

Before you return a product to us, kindly request an invoice from us and send the product to the address below at your own expense:

MegaView Science Co., Ltd.
Warranty Return
No. 656-2, Fuya Rd., Taichung 407008, Taiwan
P: +886-4-2462-2586 / E:

Once we receive and inspect your returned item, the refund will be credited to your original payment method within seven business days.  However, the actual turnaround time for refunds may vary depending on your banking institution.  Please note that shipping costs are not refundable.

Note that if the shipment is sent back to Taiwan due to a refusal to pay import charges or an incorrect address, the buyer will be responsible for any charges incurred by the return, which may include taxes and duties levied by Taiwan's Customs as well as the shipping cost for returning the packages.  The charges will be subtracted from the refund amount.


We take every precaution to ensure our shipments are packed safely for transportation.  However, we cannot accept liability for any damage, loss, or delay caused by circumstances beyond our control, including faulty handling, Force Majeure, or actions of public authorities.

Upon receipt of your shipment, please inspect it carefully within one month of receiving the products.  If any parts are missing or the products are defective, please do not return them to us.  Instead, contact us immediately with details of the issue and provide photographic evidence if possible.  Please also send us proof of purchase, such as an invoice or email exchange.  We will then send you the replacement parts free of charge as soon as possible.